Face Treatments

New Client Consultation

All new clients begin with a 30-minute consultation with Liz. This establishes your goals for your skin and gives Liz the opportunity to consider the treatments that best suit your needs. Includes a discussion of your current skincare routine and lifestyle and an honest evaluation of your skin’s condition and requirements. The consult ends with possible treatment plans that will give your skin the best possible results.


Liz's Bespoke Anti-Ageing Treatments

Liz's bespoke facials are results-driven and utilise the treatments that best suit your skin's needs. May include one or many of the anti-ageing therapies listed below along with facial sculpting and massage.

Treatments start from

£50 for 30 minutes
£130 for 90 minutes
£750 for a course of 10 one-hour sessions

Deep Cleanse Facial

If you're not quite ready for device treatments, this is an excellent facial that leaves skin rested and luminous – frequently called "the best facial in Edinburgh!" Liz uses homemade organic products alongside techniques developed by Liz that sculpt facial muscles and encourage lymphatic drainage, leaving skin lifted and fresh.

£120 for 90 minutes


The original and arguably the best non-surgical facelift which uses a controlled micro-current to offer incredible firming results. This treatment is ideal for those seeking a powerful anti-ageing treatment without the need for Botox or more invasive treatments.

- stimulates facial muscles
- helps to remove, reduce and soften lines
- particularly good for mouth and eye area

£90 for 60 minutes
£750 for a course of 10 60-minute sessions


This treatment revitalises skin cells by adding pure oxygen to the face, rejuvenating and brightening skin. Liz uses a special concentrated gel with essential nutrients that stimulate superior anti-ageing results.

£120 for 60 minutes
£650 for a course of 6 60-minute treatments

Radio Frequency

This gold-standard treatment uses energy to heat tissue and stimulate collagen and elastin production, reducing and softening the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.

£50 for 30 minutes
£90 for 60 minutes
£ 750 for a course of 10 60-minute treatments

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Skin Rejuvination

This is an excellent treatment for specific skin problems such as rosacea, pigmentation, sun damage, thread veins, acne, and hair removal. IPL uses light to heat the under layers of the skin, stimulating collagen and plumping the epidermis. Liz uses the Lynton Luminette machine.

£50 for 30 minutes
£80 for 45 minutes
£100 for 60 minutes

Skinrolla Skin Needling

Skin needling is an exceptional treatment for acne scarring and deep wrinkles due to sun damage. This treatment uses a medical-grade skin roller that encourages skin regeneration and allows for deep penetration of active ingredients. Note that this treatment involves a topical anaesthetic cream.

£175 for 90 min
£500 for a course of 3 90-minute treatments

Glycolic Peel

This gentle glycolic acid treatment penetrates the top layer of skin and leaves you feeling and looking fresh and bright.

£60 for 30 minutes
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