Client Testimonials

"I recently visited family in America and saw people I hadn’t seen in a year or longer. A dozen friends and family members commented on how fresh and well I looked, a compliment that is Liz’s more than mine. Her guidance with my skincare routine has made a visible difference. The facials she has created for my skin seem to have stopped time. Using myriad techniques, machines, and potions, she has somehow slowed the ageing process and, dare I say, reversed it. I’m so grateful to her for taking the time to get to know my skin and what it needs to look the best it can."

Kristin Strachan

"A friend bought me a consultation and bespoke facial with Liz for my 40th birthday. Liz immediately put me at ease, asking me what I wanted to improve and giving me honest feedback about what she felt she could help me with - in my case, hydration and pigmentation. My first treatment included a few different machines and creams and the result was incredible. I had three people comment on how fresh I looked the following day. I now see Liz every six weeks and each visit she tailors to my skin’s needs, which means the results last longer."

Fiona O’Connell

"I’m so grateful to Liz. When the menopause came on my skin went bonkers. I started getting acne and dry patches and my makeup ended up caking. I also had horrible rosacea. I was not feeling like my best self. Liz explained it would take a while, and three months on my skin is almost back to normal and my appearance is considerably better."

Lesley Cameron

"I am on my way to enjoy another facial at the expert hands of Elizabeth M. My skin was suffering due to the side effects of medication and Liz has truly transformed it. Not only is she a wonderful therapist but a lovely lady, too. She makes you feel at ease and relaxed and is so easy to chat to. She truly takes an interest in her clients and tailors the treatment and advice to your individual needs, which is rare. So glad I found her! If you are looking for a kind, caring, knowledgeable therapist then Liz is your woman. I can assure you that you won’t regret it!"

Jean Mobray Smith

"I have been going to Liz for 15 years now and I wouldn't trust my face with anyone else. She really is the best facialist in Edinburgh."

Sarah Murray

"Liz offers marvellous, bespoke skin care. She suggests treatments appropriate for my individual needs, targeting my problem areas and enhancing my best features."

Allyson Smith

"I've been having CACI treatments from Elizabeth for about ten years - people always say that I have virtually no wrinkles despite being over 50. After my first course of IPL skin rejuvenation one person actually thought that I had had a facelift."

Fiona Duff

"I decided to try a course of non-invasive treatment prior to embarking on a more permanent solution to counteract the ageing process. I've noticed a remarkable difference in the texture and tone of my skin since I began seeing Liz. Friends and colleagues, who are unaware of my treatments, regularly comment on how "well" I look. The best investment I've made in a very long time and I can't recommend the professionalism and expertise of Liz highly enough; especially if you want to maintain a more natural regime of skincare with outstanding results."

Christine Currie

"As a woman of a certain age I wanted someone to properly assess my skin and tell me what treatments would give me the outcomes I was seeking, namely lift and an improved complexion. Thankfully Liz is providing exactly that service here in Edinburgh. In a few short weeks my skin texture and luminosity is much improved and there is sufficient lift already to be noticeable to friends and family."

Kate Church

"My facial redness has bothered me for a long time and after only three IPL treatments the change in my face and its condition is amazing. Add in Liz's understanding and professionalism and the most beautiful treatment room in Edinburgh and you won't want to go anywhere else. I can't recommend Liz highly enough."

Ruth Connelly

"I always look forward to my regular facial with Liz. She is professional and personable and her facials provide the ultimate relaxation and skin rejuvenation experience."

Miranda Hamilton

"As a regular client of Elizabeth-M, I always receive effective and the most up-to-date treatments available in a relaxed environment. Elizabeth also has a genuine interest in, and knowledge of, a wide range of health and beauty issues, which inspires my confidence. In a competitive market, and where style often succeeds over substance, I'm very happy I found her."

Shelia Murray
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